The eduroam service aims to facilitate easy and secure Internet access for roaming educational users. The eduroam infrastructure enables visited sites to authenticate a roaming eduroam user against their home authentication server prior to granting/denying the user access to the local wireless LAN service. The result is a consistent and seamless WLAN service for roaming eduroam users with minimal management overhead at participating sites.

For further information, including details on how your site and your users may participate in eduroam, please visit http://www.eduroam.ie or contact noc@heanet.ie



Edugate allows web sites to grant privileged access to its services based on user, role or institution using the standard credentials normally issued by the users institution. Built with the open SAML standard (and in many institutions, implemented with Shibboleth), Edugate facilitates the provision of shared services and secure access to third-party or cloud based services while protecting the privacy of its users and the security the institution credential. Edugate provides a number of benefits for libraries, I.T. departments, students, staff, researchers and web site operators, for further details of these benefits and how to become a member of Edugate, please visit www.edugate.ie or contact noc@heanet.ie

DANTE and TERENA join forces to become the GÉANT Association

HEAnet News

TERENA and DANTE have joined forces to become the GÉANT Association.

100,000 student logins per day processed by Edugate

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HEAnet's Edugate federated access system usage has increased three fold in the past 12 months and now processes up to 100,000 logins per day.

HEAnet National Conference 2014

Registration is now Open

We invite you to join us at HEAnet's 2014 National Conference "Networking Topologies for the Future", which will take place on 5th - 7th November 2014 at the Rochestown Park Hotel, Douglas, Cork.

New Mobile Broadband Agreement

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HEAnet has a new agreement with Meteor to provide mobile broadband for students and staff in HEAnet client institutions.